Affiliate Marketing Training That Frees You

Affiliate Marketing Training That Frees You

You probably Googled: “affiliate marketing training free” or something like that, and here you are!

affiliate marketing training free

I am writing this to you… because I know that, like you, there are many people that would like to have more free time, more money. They would like to be their own boss.

Working as an affiliate marketer, you partner with service providers, business owners, trainers, teachers and everyone that has something to sell out there.

You become the voice that pre-sells, introduces, presents, recommends.

There are many advantages in this profession in terms of freedom and flexibility; you focus your time in writing articles, speaking to masses, exposing yourself through videos, talking to your audience through podcasts, creating landing and squeeze pages, and who knows what else your imagination tells you to do to capture people’s attention to communicate your valued information.

There’s an aspect about digital marketing that’s very important and that’s our ability to bring value to our audience.

To bring value to our audience, we first want to know who our audience is.

Let me tell you who my audience is, and I guess that’s why you’re still reading this.

My audience is: People who have realized, after years of conformity, that they were prisoners of their own fears. They probably live far away from some family members but, because of money, and because they feel stuck in a job, they don’t see their loved ones for long years.

These people were convinced that they were not capable to grow and have abundance because they were not intelligent enough. Now they’re looking for a solution for their struggle. They felt that the door was always half opened but they felt safe, and the feeling of being safe was stronger than the desire of freedom. Now, they probably don’t know where to start working to generate passive income.

Here’s why I looked for the solution…

I am a father of 3 boys. One lives near me and I see him very often. Other two, my older boys are in their 20’s, they  live in Italy and I don’t see them as often as I want.

I was born in Argentina and I have the rest of all my family there. I don’t get to see them very often and I have to prioritize the money for trips to go visit them and for everything else in my life. That’s a limitation…

I am so comfortable though. I have a good job, a house, a car, I pay my bills. The only problem is that I don’t have the time. I cannot quit my job and take two month a year to visit both places without, first, replacing my present income.

Returning to “being your own boss” thing…

To free yourself and become your own boss, requires that you create a definite goal and to know why you want to achieve that goal. It requires focusing on that goal every day and requires also to follow daily routines that push you toward its accomplishment.

Say… for example that your goal is: “Working from whatever location in the world I am, having acquired skills that will give me abundant wealth, being continuously on vacation.

Okay then… Being your own boss requires that you need to abandon old mental beliefs about money and acquire new beliefs.

Requires also that you face your own fears about failure, ridicule, other’s criticism, other’s opinions.

It requires to be organized, consistency, self-discipline, perseverance, believing in yourself and even ignoring your own negative thoughts about yourself and others.

When I was younger, I felt rejection of some successful money makers. You know… “Money is the root of all evil…” kind of thing.

Now, that I’m working towards becoming one of them, I feel respect and admiration because I know what it takes.

Just think about this; some of the richest men in the world started from far below than where you and me are now.

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Affiliate Marketing Training That Frees You
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Affiliate Marketing Training That Frees You
Working as an affiliate marketer, you partner with service providers, business owners, trainers, teachers and everyone that has something to sell out there.
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