Beyond what you believe you can

Beyond what you believe you can

“If I only did things I was qualified for I’d be pushing a broom somewhere.”– Kamal Ravikant

There are things inside our mind… actually, what we call “things”

In reality, there’s a world created by ideas and mental images. Images are first processed in thoughts form.

Every thing we see was first one of those “thoughts” form. Things around us, including ourselves.

Whatever we see in the mirror is supported by a mental idea and we see ourselves through our own beliefs.

Qualifications, titles, concepts?

How easy is for me to tell you; “You’re not what you think you are…”

How difficult for me to actually “live” what I have just said… How true is it though what Kamal said once: “If I only did things I was qualified for…”

That means going beyond what our own concept about ourselves is showing us.

What Trish Davis said in the following video about what I did in that hotel lobby made me realized that I was just doing things I didn’t ever believe I was qualified for. My ego was just growing big time while she was talking… lol.

Talking to a camera, surrounded by watching people?

Beyond what you believe you can

We float on emotions between two worlds

A Boat floats between two worlds.
The world we see, very volatile, and the world underneath.
The surface moves as emotions inside a leaving being.
Its “shell” has to disintegrate, it has to fracture and then,
What remains sinks in that depth.
Men, as boats, float,
Seeing what they see,
Suffering the movement of their environment.
Underneath, just peace.
Could that planking be less rigid before it breaks because its old age?
Let it sink…

This poem starts the first page of “The Dual Facet of Abbott Baxx”, a book that I published in 2012. [Marcello’s Published Books]
I usually paint boats showing what’s underneath, below the water line. For me, boats, represent the reality of human kind.

Beyond what you believe you can
Beyond what you believe you can

Image Source from Marcello’s Gallery

We’re floating on the surface of two different worlds; the world we see and the world underneath. The material world, the world we see, and the spiritual world, which we cannot see, but we can sense.
The water line that separates the two environments is never completely flat. Weather affects this surface that moves constantly, and it moves everything that floats on it.
These two different environments have two different densities, and because of this difference of density, there’s a neat separation between them.

Beyond what you believe you can

We move with emotions that is compared to the surface where boats float. We’re moved by emotions actually.
My poem talks about this “shell” that keeps boats above the surface. The boat’s structure and “skin” that prevents water to filtrate.
It is not a good thing if, in real life, that planking brakes and the boat sinks… but in our spiritual meaning, we can feel connection with all the depth underneath that it’s always in peace. Our “keel” senses the infinite depth if we are present. If we live in the surface, influenced by circumstances, we live in fear.
That rigidity might soften and we can start sinking voluntarily and abide the depths as we wish.
That rigidity might be compared to our ego. The compulsive opposition to whatever moves in the surface.

How helpful life becomes when we decide to “sink” in the depths of the unseen world, inside our inner life, in complete absence of resistance.

Beyond what you believe you can

I believe that, at the end, we realize that we were not what we believed we were.
Could we let that ego die before we’re forced to it? Can we stop defending it?

Could we abandon all resistance and feel our connection with the unseen world which is vaster than the surface?
Like Eckhart Tolle remarks: ”Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”


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Beyond what you believe you can

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Beyond what you believe you can

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