Clear goals is all you need – YouTellYouDaily

Goals is all you need - YouTellYouDaily
Goals is all you need – YouTellYouDaily

We know many professional people. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and what not…

Not necessarily all people that have degrees are wealthy and are enthusiastic about doing what they had studied for.
All those people (degree and no-degree people) that reached happiness, and do what they love, are people that had a clear goal.
The doctor that loves what he or she does, is successful and is still growing. He or she still sets goals all the time.
The uneducated person that is successful (some of them really rich) because he or she had a clear vision, a clear goal and still plans and sets goals continuously.
The dreaming, the vision, the intention sharpens your ability to recognize the knowledge that will serve you to get where, and what, you want. NO THE WAY AROUND.
Universities, as well as life itself, give you a lot of knowledge but without setting goals, all that knowledge is just idle energy without any direction.
We want to say and repeat: “I have a definite goal and I add new details to it every day.”
Don’t go cheap! Dare to dream freedom and give yourself answers about how to make it happen!
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