Cloning Yourself

As far as I know, there is only one of me (God save us if there were more…)

Anyway… a couple of decades ago I remember I had this fantasy…, and I was thinking something like:

“What if I could make a copy of myself and, while I go on vacation, this clone of me goes to work and deals with all things in my life that I want to delegate. And then, what if I can clone myself more than once!? What about sending a copy of me to other countries and program them to find the best jobs and deposit all that money to my bank account…” (and the list of what-ifs and what-abouts might be endless.)

This thought went on and on until, like a silent invasion, computers, internet and info-systems took place anywhere.

We swim in thousands of megabytes per square inch of air. Money is already, mostly completely replaced by electronic impulses, that makes it extremely fluid and agile, even though we still appreciate the paper type.

A few years ago, I had my art store inside a mall in Everett, WA and I passed 12 hours a day, 6 days a week (because I refused to open on Sundays) and I had to be there to make money that, by the way, it wasn’t never enough.

It lasted for 1,5 years… and I had to close it because expenses were just more than what I made. Lack of experience and ability to conduct my business? Sure… well, (clearing my throat) I don’t like how I’m heading this conversation now J. Let’s continue with the “Cloning Yourself” topic.

Nowadays, you can set up multiple “balls in the air” using computer systems that work for you. It requires though to completely change your conception of “work”.

Most of us actually fight the idea of it to be a “real” job. We sabotage ourselves because it requires mostly to be by yourself and writing your own paycheck. This job requires real skills, consistence and persistence. Qualities that are not common seen in us when we’re used to having a job and having a paycheck every month. It becomes part of our comfort zone.

We cannot go on vacation whenever we want, we cannot do many stuff, we have a few weeks off a year… all in all we agree that that’s the “normality” and so we just conform with that…

This new internet marketing is like cloning yourself in multiple “you” making “the other you” do the tasks that you want to delegate and, of course, there are no country boundaries. These multiple “you” can be working with people in all countries at the same time.

I imagined multiple “me” like person-form beings walking and talking like me but it turned out better. What happened was that this technology allows us to extend our brain cells and clone our thoughts in an immeasurable way. The possibilities and combinations are infinite.


Reference: My own experience with online marketing training.

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