Desire and Vibrations

Desire and Vibrations

Yes… we all desire so many things and situations. Now… desiring and focusing on the absence of what we desire creates resistance, unpleasant emotions.

Theres no happy ending with no happy journey
Theres no happy ending with no happy journey

Desire and focusing on our goals creates passion and enthusiasm.

See… there’s no happy ending with unhappy journey. The old me says: “Give me first what I want so I’ll be happy…” Now the new me says: “I put happiness in all I do because I see the goal clearly… I feel I can touch it.”

As I said, there’s no happy endings with no happy journeys, and that doesn’t mean that you have a smooth, unchallenged, pain-free process to get to your destination.

It mostly means that you and me get to focus on the goal instead on the present reality.

When we focus on the goal, and I really mean, focusing on the emotions, sensations, people, situations, scenarios with all 6 senses.

I said 6 senses, and I know that we physically feel with 5 senses. But what about the inner wisdom, with which we all are taught abundantly?

When we are focused on our goal, all the knowledge, tools, people, ideas, resources are gradually appearing.

I experienced (and still experience) a lot of resistance when I focus on things that aren’t working in my life, but when I focus on my goals then I can feel that I’m opening the door for it to happen.

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