The Importance Of Discipline

There are two different people. The ones saying: “I would like to act when I feel like it…” and other kind of people that say: “I don’t feel like it but I will act so I can feel like it…”

When you have a goal and a “why” you want to achieve it, know that there’s a price to pay.

Getting up and walk towards a goal requires discipline. Requires definition of the goal to be achieved and then requires a repetition of actions that lead you towards that goal.

The better way to start is to planning a series of activities. Daily activities.

The problem is: procrastination, because soon we find alternative activities that take us away from our routine.

For example, the first thing in the morning for many is to check Facebook, emails, news, consuming entertainments in form of videos, video games, etc.

Now, think about this… everybody has goals but if your goals are higher than the average person, then you need to create a daily ritual.

The difference between the ones that move on in life and achieve their goals and the ones that quit after first attempt is this: DISCIPLINE.

The first thing you do in the morning or whenever in the day you plan to dedicate time to your productive activities is to write down your goal. Then the activities that will lead you there in order of priority and to dedicate a definite time to each activity. Write down all this dreams and plans.

The key though is to turn off all distractions. Make sure that you interrupt your old patterns. Refuse to look at your phone, looking for instant small regards, like -as I said before- comments in your Facebook or emails.

Usually takes 21 days to stablish a new habit. In the beginning though you need to force yourself sometimes.

Every morning, before everything, remind yourself what you want and WHY you want it. What benefits you’re after?

There’s a key element that everyone that seeks to succeed in business need to follow. If you ever asked yourself how much money would you like to earn from a service render you’re not alone. But did you ever asked yourself what do you intend to give to the people you serve in exchange for the money you want to gain? What valuable information, service or goods? Are you willing to give more than you’re asking for?

For everything you do for your business, just ask yourself; “Would I pay for this information/service if I were my audience?”


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