Exchanging Your Time For Money

Exchanging Your Time For Money 

The following is part of a chapter of my book “The Dual Facet Of Abbott Baxx” where he, the main character, speaks to his children before he passes to a better life. See: Marcello’s Published Books if you will.

It goes… (Part 1)

“To Every Child

 Sons… please don’t promise a reward to your kids for what they accomplish in their lives, for themselves. The reward is already included in what they are going to become, after they do what you told them to do. Actually… it is better to ask them what they want, stimulating their own ability to dream and make plans for themselves.

Don’t promise any gratification to them to make them obey you; otherwise they will obey for mere interest in the reward. They won’t need to obey you when they understand that everything you say is for their wealth. They will understand, sooner or later, that everything they do is for them and will be a product of what they are. The act of obedience is finalized on the fact that it strengthens their good habits.

Actually, your presence in their lives and the proximity of your affection will make them feel secure, growing with confidence.

Be careful though… sometimes we, parents, counsel our kids based on our fears. We transmit our fears to them, our limited beliefs. We might as well tell their limits and that’s a lie. They might believe you and, with this, you might prevent them for freely dream and build a great future.

They can do it. They will make it. They are able to have it done.

We might also limit their imagination and courage to dream big. Just trust in them and let them run free.

The only thing you need to ask is this: “Love and do what you will” and “Never engage in business that does not benefit all whom it affects.”

Practice makes perfection. The task for you and for them is to recognize and take care of what you practice. It is wise to practice productive things. And productive things only can be accomplished if there is a clear goal.

Don’t promise a reward for what they do and for what they should become perfect upon. The perfection is the reward… and don’t try to escape from your responsibility to find perfection, hiding behind the phrase that everybody says: Nobody is perfect.

They will always work for the pleasure of having something that passes away if you promise a reward for their efforts. The pleasure will abide in the act of doing and not for its fruit. The fruit comes by itself.

Teach them to always give with love, for the happiness they may feel when they see how they can help their parents, brothers, sisters, friends and also strangers. There are no strangers when you feel free to self-expression.

Be ready to give more value than what you want to receive in exchange. This applies in all matters. In life and in business.

The stranger appears along with the illusion of separation from anything else. Doubt and fear are the only enemies. Tell them this truth please.

If you do this, they will love you. Otherwise they will think they love you only when they receive something from you.

If you promise a reward, then the day you’ll ask something for nothing in exchange, will be the day you’ll notice some unbalance there. Some conditions will be asked perhaps.

Families where parents promised rewards to their kids have big fights when adversities come. There is no more interest in being together because there is nothing to take anymore. This is what happens when we focus only on doing based on reward.

It is wise not to work for money. I mean, exchanging your hours for a pay as a system of living. Working for money is not smart. Some people say that money is evil but they are wrong. The evil thing is to say that the money I earn is my own.”

(Part 2, next post)

financial freedom- exchanging your time for money
financial freedom- exchanging your time for money

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