Fear in Business – Toronto Momentum Day June 10th 2017

Fear in Business

Fear in business makes most of us fail. Failing it’s mostly caused of how we consider ourselves respect of others and it is like setting up our performance before we even start our enterprises.

Here below I have a couple of colleagues talking about their own fears and how they moved on in their process to overcoming them.


Here you have a few lines talking about That self-protected image of ourselves that is origin of:

Fear in Business

There’s a meaning in my life now. I haven’t experienced this before. Just because, maybe, my brain was the same. Mental patterns grooved by the trend of old habits.

You know, there are many things that can contribute for us to fail.

think for youself
Think for Yourself

Before I go to the point, I’m going to ask you: How many times you have started with new ideas that lasted a few weeks and then ended, a few days… and then ended, a few hours… and, then again, ended and you lost your enthusiasm?

How many times you said to yourself: “I am not capable” or “I am not like those people, they have degrees and became professionals… They were born in a rich family!”

Now. The real question to myself is: Do I have to resign trying and am I forced to quit? or, do I quit and resign just because it’s easier to stay where I am and to believe in that self-talk?

Fear in Business

I’ve been there my friend. Oh yeah. Until I pushed myself to the limits. Until I asked myself: “What if I don’t believe in myself and, at the end, I regret about the things that I didn’t try?”

That’s going to be the reality. At the end of my life, I surely won’t regret about the things I did and went wrong. I will surely regret about the things I didn’t try because of my fear of failure.

It is more comfortable to stay where you are. Because any change requires for you to apply a force that is supposed to change the course of your life.

Trying to change the course of things needs some kind of pressure. To change the image of yourself. The image that is stored inside the very core of your brain cells. Very much protected image, for long years.

I am not just talking about “you”, I’m talking about all of us, in general.

Fear in Business

You need to break habits. You also need to do things you never did before, and organizing your mornings, your afternoons, your evenings, setting alarms to follow your plans.

I wrote a book in 2012 called “The Dual Facet of Abbott Baxx” which is a paranormal mystery. In a section of it you find that one of the characters, Marino, explains to Abbott his ideas about entrepreneurs:

[But Marino, seating next to me, opens his mouth to say his opinion:

“That can’t be changed because it is part of the economic laws that rule the route that the world is now taking. We all require food, shelter, clothes, health structures, insurance, entertainment and other necessary things. The society is organized to make sure all those things flow smoothly in order for people to have the essentials they need to live… and big capitals have the power to mass deliver what people demand.”

“Marino, those guys have a point… There is a huge difference between people. A few have everything and the majority struggle all their life!”

But he can’t help unfolding his philosophy: “Abbott: those who are complaining now on TV are the ones demanding all those goods in their daily lives. Someone who owns a flock knows perfectly that sheep need food, shelter, and everything necessary in order to keep being assets for the owner’s wealth. Then, sheep are a source of meat, milk and wool. The flock renews continuously, the sheep are not the same sheep of ten years ago. They are different sheep but it is the same flock. The owner might have died years ago, but his son continues taking care of the flock… the system continues going on. The capital that feeds the flock is the same capital and the flock that feeds the capital is the same flock.

Fear in Business

The owner of the flock decides what sheep is going to be turned into meat and which one is going to continue being a milk and wool source, with the finality to increase his capital. It is that simple!”

“Are you pro capitalism?” I asked.

“Yes and no. What I know is that society, as we know it, has its own rules. To manage a flock requires strategies and self-improvement. It requires following routines, standards of management and self-control. Being a sheep doesn’t require all those skills. Being a sheep is easier… Given these facts, let me tell you something: don’t complain if you were made into meat when they don’t need you anymore. It is part of the game… like that guy on the TV said! It is part of the game. Otherwise go live in the woods, hunt your own food and live by your own rules.

Besides, we all know that capitalist own probably 95% of all goods, but we all want what they sell, and they get all the money we give to them.”] (It continues in the book)

Yes…: Dreaming, setting goals, focusing, continuous self-improvement, following routines, management, self-control, persistence, stubbornness.

Continuing being what we are doesn’t require successful skills. We’re used to live the way we live because we decide to settle and comply with our surroundings.

Successful entrepreneurs stretch themselves, setting higher goals and things that are greater than what they ever thought they could achieve.

Fear in Business

Do you want to know how I changed my life?

#1 I asked myself WHY I do what I do: “Because nothing can be compared of being free to travel and spend time with my family abroad, without having to come back to my ‘base’ and feel stuck.”

I choose this WHY because this WHY includes the feelings of a father that doesn’t see his older kids that live in Italy for 2-3 years at a time, or his mother and brothers that live in Argentina for other 2-3 years at a time because he has no more than two weeks’ vacation every year from his present job.

I need to do something about this, and this is what I’m doing.

#2 I stopped complaining about situations/people. Instead, I started blessing all situations and people. All is good for those who focus on helping themselves. 

#3 I started reading/watching inspirational and spiritual new concepts. That’s the only thing I consume.

#4 I nurture the idea of living a lifestyle with no job that “allows” just two weeks’ vacation a year. Being grateful at the same time about what I have and experience.

#5 I asked myself: “How can I contribute to other’s lives in a positive way?”

#6 I set a daily routine of taking care of business, writing posts, engaging in socially, providing value in a consistent way. All written down and precisely followed.

#7 I make sure that I feel the purpose of my life. I remind myself WHY I do what I do.


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Fear in Business

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Fear in Business

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