Fear of Scenarios or Inner-Out Environment Changes

Fear of Scenarios or Inner-Out Environment Changes

All of us want change, we want external change, we want good results… but the problem with humans is this: the “story” of ourselves is the FALSE identity that is AUTONOMOUSLY alive. Our FALSE identity FEARS change.

The false identity will fight you to death to stay the way it is. Unconsciously, you don’t want to change, if you decided to “nurture” that identity of “who you think you are.”

Fear of Scenarios or Inner-Out Environment Changes

The most important realization is that, what we’re really fearful of, is the fear of ENVIRONMENT CHANGES.

Fear of success, fear of nonacceptance and criticism of new people in our lives, of even fear of their acceptance and love.

How many people freak out when their new partner is getting too attached and the relationship is becoming too serious? Been there?

Well… all this freaking out is because the real fear is that our environment will change is this or that happens. Hence, the changing or our environment will determine the END of WHO WE ARE.

That’s why one of the pillars of spiritual teaching is based on “Letting it go…”

Learning to LET THINGS GO, is basically, letting the OLD YOU go… and DIE. It sounds cruel, doesn’t it?

Fear of Scenarios or Inner-Out Environment Changes

Nobody will reject lots of money coming to their lives, with the only EXCEPTION if this money is threatening to change their comfort zone. If their fear that lots of money will expose them to new unfamiliar people, they will reject the mere idea of having lots of money. The inner belief is: “This wellness has to come and ONLY add to my existing environment all things that I believe I need to complete it.”

The “problem” is that, real success, comes naturally when the “soil” is prepared, when the environment is appropriate, and this requires lot of work within and around us. We have to be willing to change and understand this very important condition, this is one of the fundamental truths that I am realizing after all this freaking time.

This is one of the things I realized after having bought books, assisted seminars, courses, coaching programs, listened to successful people. The realization was a combination of their ideas and looking inside my own soul at the same time.

I asked new questions to my own soul and then answers came from that depth.

Fear of Scenarios or Inner-Out Environment Changes

After I realized this fundamental truth, the truth that fear is basically the fear of changing my own element, I remembered how most of those successful people we admire, spent their lives modifying their own environment to make it appropriate in order to make their ideas blossom and materialize.

Trying to replicate what successful people do without changing your environment is just a waste of time and energy.

Is like buying seeds and throwing them on a rocky road or leaving inside the jar on the shelf.

Great example… how many books are collecting dust on many shelfs belonging to those literate unsuccessful people. Been there? I was and I still am in many areas in my life.

How many PDFs and video/audio courses are stored in your hard drive collecting “dust”? I’ve been there too.

We essentially hope that that new information and the “How Tos” will make us do new stuff that will bring something new to our own COMFORT ZONE that add and not disturb our own peaceful and comfortable daily life.

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