How To Produce A Commercial Video For YouTube.

Super Tool To Promote A Super Online Marketing Education!

How many times, during your tries and errors in terms of promoting your business, you had an “aha” moment?

This aha thing happened to me when I discover that one of my ads that I tried with one ad giving me 10% impressions/clicks. That means that, when people search for a video tutorial and your ad appears before what they want to watch, they stay there without clicking SKIP after 5 seconds. Those 5 seconds get their attention and they keep watching.

This is it… Run the video and take a look!

The video was targeted to TheSixFigureMentors and you can explore that later too…

With this tool, you can create the coolest short videos even if you don’t know what you’re doing…

The ad platform is very functional and intuitive. It’ll pull you ahead of the rest of the pack.

You can create YouTube in-stream ads, Facebook Video ads, Instagram video ads and soon also for Twitter.

The powerful thing also is that it takes around 10 minutes or less to create a video… maybe a little more when you use it the first time.

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You can also add music and different effects. I chose to keep it simple and clean. The music I chose is very enthusiastic and positive.