How to create positive emotions

 How to create positive emotions

What is desire and what desire can do for you?

The end result is what you’re working for, but sometimes we get discouraged because a feeling of frustration falls down on us.

What is really happening is that our attention is attracted to one specific point. A negative aspect, or maybe, what we fear is pulling our attention like a magnet.
We are usually following this pattern because we’re used to look for certain negative details. We’re looking for the reasons why things don’t work for us, or why we shouldn’t risk moving from a “safe” situation instead of following our dreams.
Use your desire as a motivation and smile, jump, talk, walk as if you were a professional actor/actress playing the script of someone that already succeeded. This is known as changing your physiology.
Do a facial expressions of someone that feels fortunate, grateful, relaxed, happy when you feel depress, unfortunate, unhappy. Your physical behavior will make you focus on happy moments, to expect happy surprises, to be grateful.
Start jumping, laughing and talking like someone who won the lottery and try to feel depressed at the same time… Not possible.
This is because if you don’t experience emotions that make you act happy, then act happy and this behavior will stimulate happy emotions. Try it.
See… happiness is not coming after achieving goals. Happiness arises while focusing on the goal you want to achieve. Happiness comes before the actual materialization of reality.
I know, I’ve just wrote: “Materialization OF reality
When you have a dream and you follow a plan, a routine for its achievement, this puts you in the mood of whoever is already in possession of the subject of his dreams. In other words, it is like the “reality” already exists in the “unseen” world. It is like a parallel world from where things emerge in our lives.
What about focusing on the desire itself?
We experienced so many times how impossible it is not to turn our attention on that fact that we’re too far from attaining our desires. In other words, as soon as a desire raises, almost instantaneously a big “NO” appears in front of it. Automatically frustration, disappointment predominates.
Let’s do it as a habit, even if we fail several times in the beginning, on focusing in the desire itself.
Desiring is an amazing ability and allows us to have a glance of what it looks like being there.
What if we abide in that desire as long as we can? That way we can break the habit where desire is followed by disappointment.
I had an amazing experience when I was younger. You know when you hear a song and then that song keeps playing in your head and you can’t get rid of it? They call it earworms.
I found a way to stop it completely, and the way I do it is just slowing down the rhythm of that song until it stops playing. If you ask  me how I discovered it I don’t know what to answer.
Our “song”, our mental patters go over and over for many years. Some of those mental patters are running since we were kids.
So, What if we just start slowing down the motion of our desires? What if we slow down in a way that the frame we end up freezing is a frame inside the film of the desired result?
It might not be easy in the beginning  but I’m pretty sure we’re getting closer to the end of a very limiting mental pattern.

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