Importance of sterilization

Importance of sterilization

[continuation from the prior article Our environment inside-out]

There’s no space ship coming here in order to provide food and goods (well… I believe so.) Everything is perfectly balanced and the sun provides its energy.

Returning to all living forms as autonomous organisms, it all simply comes to: 1- What comes in. 2- What changes it provokes. 3- What comes out.

What is meant to come out, IT HAS to come out… but we talk about this later.

Importance of sterilization

The reason why we could confine certain illnesses (like cholera in the 1800s) by understanding the importance of separating the drinking water system from the sewer system.

In big cities until the early 1900s, people use to “sit” on the streets and “deposit” their excrements on the streets, without mentioning food leftovers, which created a great opportunity to microorganisms to proliferate and mutate. The thing is… general public and cities administration didn’t know about microorganisms.

I am a guy born in 1850 and, walking around in London City, I suddenly feel a pressure inside the area where my lower back ends… it is around 11pm and nobody is around, or simply, I don’t see anybody around.

I pull down my pants and I sit there for a few minutes.

I get up and I see what I left on the sidewalk, at the side of that building. Ignoring that it was me, I continue my walk and nobody saw anything.

Until the late 1800s, nobody saw anything more than cucarachas crawling around, bugs, rats, and if they were not on our meal, that was good enough. What was ignored until then, was that, a whole universe of microorganisms was there. Nobody saw them, and mysterious, mass death still proliferated in big cities.

I recently met someone in a hotel’s cafeteria in Toronto, a person that studied for many years and has a good job as an engineer. I had to spend the night in that place before my early flight back to Seattle the next morning. This guy was overweight, in his late 30s and he was drinking his 4th beer that evening. He came closer and asked me if he could sit in my table to just have a chat while TV was playing a BlueJay’s game in the background.

Importance of sterilization

I was waiting for my dinner and I politely said: “Yes of course! Have a sit…”

We talked about his job, my job, weather, etc. Without me asking anything, he openly said that he wasn’t going to live forever and that he didn’t worry about health issues he might encounter along the way.  Suddenly I asked this simple question that opened a huge new understanding and inspiration for this book. I asked: “What do you think is the reason why people increased their life quality and lengths in the last century?”

He replied with a face like -hey, I’m an engineer…  “Well, medicines… we have medicines that keep us healthy and cure our illnesses.”

I replied with a face like –hey, you’re wrong…  “Just the separation of drinking water and sewer was one of the major achievements of our modern medicine.”

Importance of sterilization

This is what I found about cholera in Wikipedia:

One of the major contributions to fighting cholera was made by the physician and pioneer medical scientist John Snow (1813–1858), who in 1854 found a link between cholera and contaminated drinking water. Dr. Snow proposed a microbial origin for epidemic cholera in 1849. In his major “state of the art” review of 1855, he proposed a substantially complete and correct model for the cause of the disease. In two pioneering epidemiological field studies, he was able to demonstrate human sewage contamination was the most probable disease vector in two major epidemics in London in 1854. His model was not immediately accepted, but it was seen to be the more plausible, as medical microbiology developed over the next 30 years or so.”

 Well, until then, science believed that people got sick because of something in the air that caused this terrible disease.

Importance of sterilization

Think about this… I said next: “How important is to clean as you go in life?”

Just imagine how many people would die after a simple surgery if the instruments that doctors use were just wiped with a rug before use?

You don’t see anything wrong on a knife by doing that… but now we know about a world that is invisible but killed and kills lots of people from the inside out.


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Importance of sterilization

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Importance of sterilization

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