Internet is incredible, isn’t it…

Internet is incredible, isn't it...With internet now, with the technology that sustains it, we can literally live in a dimension where no distance exist at all. 

When I was a kid I remember my mother told me about the letters she and my father (they were not yet married) sent to each other. My father immigrated to Argentina in the 50’s and my mother were still in Italy.
Those letters took  forever to reach destination; no less than a month.

Today…? Today computers grow in capacity because of the continuous growing of software. Computers have to grow to manage the complexity of minds ideas put into the intangible ether.

Now, we are in an era where many of us are waking up to the understanding of a new way of approaching people, and keep in touch with them.
A time where, instantaneously, we send letters, images, software, signatures, money, agreements and what not…

We have families reunited and keeping constantly in touch through Facebook and other socials. We see each other in picture, video, we write our comments and thoughts. There is a living organism that we can call “the digital environment.”

And also, who didn’t ever watch a YouTube How-to-whatever when they needed help with something?

Welcome to this article…

Now it is time to grow in this new environment and, after personally trying many different venues, SFM (TheSixFigureMentors) is one of the most powerful in education from the core out I ever experienced. I am one of their affiliates.

DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson, reveals unthinkable things about online marketing and I got lots of foundation knowledge from his book.

Money is important but what we focus with all this is freedom.

FREEDOM from being stuck in a job that we HAVE to do.
One of my goals is to be able to jump from my chair one night, drive to the airport, take the first flight to the hottest tropical island for as long as I want. ANYTIME, FIRST CLASS, to ANY destination.

Ask me if I reach that goal… Ok, I hear you.

The answer is: Not yet.

The goal that I reached though it that my believes about myself changed. The way I am talking to myself changed.

I love and forgive myself. I am extremely patient with myself. I pay attention how I talk to myself, as if I were talking to someone that I really love and care about.

The dream is forming in my mind, but when you’re nurturing a dream, and when you change the way you talk to yourself, and when you start demolishing all the negativity that is keeping you away from an inner state of happiness that doesn’t depend on the external, THEN, and only then you start noticing why you’re in this life for.

This is what I’m learning out of the SFM educational program.

Money shows up AFTER one reaches freedom and happiness… and not the way around.

Be safe.


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