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About the author: Marcello (Carlos Marcelo Cicchini) was born in Argentina in 1965, and lived there until 1990. Afterwards, he moved to Italy and, after a year he started a pastoral journey that lasted 15 years… until something had shifted inside of him that caused the beginning of a profound change. From then on, he began painting, reading new kind of books, writing his thoughts, showing his art and continuously looking for self-improvement. During his continuous search for personal fulfillment in doing new things, he realizes that nothing a human can do or have, can ever add or detract from their true identity and that any aid that a man can have, comes from a source that seems to be within himself. In 2009 he moved to the State of Washington, USA, where he lives and works. Marcello is a North Western based artist.

The Dual Facet Of Abbott Baxx (2012)

The deepest red is coming out of bullets holes in the pilots’ heads… and the autopilot smoothly continues its way south. Realizing that no one else is able to land the airplane, Abbott Baxx takes the commands. Mysteriously, no evidences of the assassination are there when they open the cockpit… there is no weapon, no bullet shells, and no signs of gun discharge around the entrance holes.

He feels like a hero, unaware of burden that is about to come his way.

A couple of weeks later, after dying in an accident, Abbott realizes that something supernatural happened that day, a split in his life existence, a sort of connection between two worlds.

Able to travel in time, he meets a thirty-years-younger version of himself, revisiting his own life from his spiritual environment, until the day his younger self faces the same flight back home… but this time that airplane never takes off… and now realizing that the young Abbott is directly related with the pilots’ murder.

 The Story Of Piyple Sucker (2014)

Illustration images and more as artwork – ORDER HERE…

Piyple Sucker, a particular character full of life and love for his tribe (The Glass Suckers) and his family.

After winning the war against the Beta Flyers for territory disputes, peace shows up and they unify the two tribes and become one.

Everything is beautiful in town, all together, until Sunday morning where they are all invited to listen BigSucker’s (God) words at church. Beta Flyers don’t agree with BigSucker. They want FlyHigher (Beta Flyers God) and their union broke again.

Here he goes… Piyple Sucker. Tired of all this names and beliefs, packs his stuff and goes find BigSucker -that he believes He lives beyond the Forestverse- once for all. And he found what he was looking for, but he lost the love of his beloved wife and with the hope to get back to his honey…

(Illustrations in color)

Illustration images and more as artwork – ORDER HERE…

Illustration images and more as artwork – ORDER HERE…