Physiology. Invert the equation.

Physiology. Invert the equation.

Tony Robbins taught me once (through an old audio cassette) that the way we stand, talk, smile, look is a reflection of whatever is passing between your ears. There, in the middle. But he gave me a solution.

I have the authority
I have the authority

Our beliefs and concepts about others, about ourselves, about life, about everything make us act more or less in the same way every time we face certain circumstances.

Many of us are conditioned by our own mental patterns, and the way we feel is usually considered something that we cannot escape from.

Now, tell me how a sad person looks like?

Well yes, he or she looks sad… but now let’s describe his physical posture, his face, his eyes.

Shoulders down, eyes down, shallow breathing, slow talking…

And an angry person?

Tense, loud, aggressive, judgmental… you know.

It looks like, when we’re in those states, we lose control and we just want things were different for us to feel good again.

But here there are new concepts that we want to talk about. So, there is good news!

If we feel sad but we deliberately change our posture, then we will experience that, magically, our inner state changes.

How would your face look like if, right now, you receive a big good surprise? How would your body be doing? Jumping, running around? Yipping, yahooing?

When start feeling down, please… ask yourself these questions and start acting, yes… be the actor that interprets a very fortunate person, a person that just received a wonderful news.

Start by noticing the way your expressions are, how your body language is “talking”, BUT then start changing your face into a happier one, with a little smile.

Now that you’re smiling a little, start smiling with joy. Act as if you were your favorite actor/actress and show how a person, that just receive an amazing surprise, acts like.

Stand up (if you’re not driving) and start walking in the room as if you “own” it. Enter a store, an office, a classroom, whatever, like you’re super strong, like you’re already freaking owning everything. Walk around like a winner, a conqueror.

You know… by reversing the mechanism, your posture and facial expressions stimulate your brain to focus on the person you’re acting out.

That person you’re pretending to be is YOU. Yes, my friend.

Because we have the authority to change and declare who we are and where we want to go.


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