Rearranging Our Environment

Rearranging Our Environment

Well? What about willpower, determination, resolution, self-control, self-discipline, goal setting, etc?

Beautiful words my friends. And I am not being sarcastic.

These are wonderful characteristics of someone’s habits… but here there’s something missing that gives impulse to all those behaviors. Something is missing that, really, gives energy to all these amazing habits that a human being can demonstrate.

Not only humans. We observe these qualities in all organisms; from the ameba to the blue whale, from the little ant to the African elephant.

Those creatures and all of us, at a certain point, under certain circumstances, act with determination, apply willpower, act with resolution and self-discipline and make decisions.

Here’s is where I stop… decisions.

We can decide that we’re going to get from where we are to some other place or situation in life, but the mere decision to “take action” won’t be enough.

The answer is ENVIRONMENT.

To decide to change our environment is different than deciding to start building something.

Genes can be turned on/off because of the environment.

Emotions are a clear indicator of how “clean” or “poisoned” our inner environment is.

Rearranging Our Environment

Glands inside our brain release chemicals and these are felt as emotions. So, emotions are an indicator of how our inner environment is, basically, altered with.

Isn’t it that we are, maybe, addicted to certain emotions?

Maybe, just asking… Are we provoking circumstances that trigger certain inner states?

Are we addicted to those chemicals circulating in our blood stream in a cyclical time pattern?

Dr. Bruce Lipton teaches it. It is one of the main subjects of his teaching. Here’s an Amazon search for “Bruce Lipton”

Yes… I believe that we’re responsible for our inner environment.

This is why pity parties have to be gone forever… I believe. You can whine and complain about others or your situation but this should last for 30 seconds or so. At the end of the day you’re the one that CAN create your own reality.

The real deal that will make a difference is to change environment. The environment is what forces change and evolution.

Every creature evolved and adapted through the course of millions of years to their environment and BECAUSE of the environment in which they lived.

They were forced to change or die, BECAUSE of the environment. Species were forced to disappear because of dramatic changes in their environment. What was normal, suddenly changed and they didn’t have the chance to move fast enough.

The environment made them keep their behaviors, like determination and stubbornness, otherwise, you know, you perish.

Rearranging Our Environment

The environment forced them to keep moving, save energy, focus, organize.

Now, think about a simple seed…

A bunch of seeds are on the shelf, inside of a jar, for years. One day, with no specific reason, this guy comes and grabs this jar and goes for a walk.

He goes for about half a mile and suddenly gets tired of this freaking jar (which is heavy and awkward to carry) and dynamically throws this away. This thing brakes and all seeds spill all over the place.

He keeps walking and forgets about this jar with seeds that he kept on his shelf for long years.

You know how it goes… some seeds ended up on the path and birds came and fed themselves. Some other seeds between rocks and, with no much soil, even if they grew up fast, the sun heated the whole thing and they were screwed. Some other seeds fell where bushes and despicable spines suffocated the first little sprouts. BUT some of them fell on the good soil and the rest is history… a story that someone you may know, described around 2,000 years ago.

Rearranging Our Environment


I like the end of this parable: “He who has ears, let him hear.”

What Jesus wanted to say, his message, was: Environment. He said essentially: “Just change your freaking environment and you’ll flourish.”

As I wrote before, deciding to start building something without changing things around us and “preparing the soil” is like asking a seed to start growing and give us fruits by making it stay on the path where things don’t last or between rocks.

Every little seed has everything, genetically, it needs to grow, flourish and give fruits “Hundredfold, sixtyfold, or thirtyfold.”

Stop telling me that you have no talent or “It is not in my genes…,” If you start talking like that, it’ll be a clear indication that you’re just bullshitting yourself.

All the potential is inside every creature and I’m telling you not just what you know you CAN do but, specially, what you DON’T know you can do.

Amazing things were accomplished by people when REAL hardship knocked them. Amazing transformation and the first amazed ones were themselves.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until some sort of catastrophe strokes in your life.

Rearranging Our Environment

The good news… (or bad news in some cases) is that you HAVE TO provoke changes in your ENVIRONMENT if you want some real, permanent changes in your life.

This doesn’t mean that you have to change bedroom and sleep in the kitchen even though it might be an interesting option.

Think about the things around you, what do your friends do, what do you consume on TV, what kind of food do you eat… Things like that are also ENVIRONMENT.

Some people rearrange their furniture because it is a way to modify their environment. Many of them do it without knowing that’s for that reason. There’s an ancient knowledge inside us that tell us: “Change your environment and you’ll feel inspired and energetic…” and this is just one of the voices that comes from the inside every time you’re inspired to change things around you.

But we get confused sometimes with a different kind of CHANGE.

Most of us were endlessly inspired by other people that we consider “successful” and then we hear: “If you just do what they do, you’ll get the same thing…” kind of message.

If you ask every one of them: “Was it painful to get the life you experience now?” they would answer: “NO”

They would probably answer: “Painful were those dramatic changes around me, inside me, circumstances, etc. that forced me to change. But if we talk about the process to build all this, it was just natural…”

Rearranging Our Environment

Just like a seed in the right soil. A being in the right environment.

All of us want change, external change, good results… but the problem with humans is this: the “story” of ourselves is the FALSE identity that is AUTONOMOUSLY alive. Our FALSE identity FEARS change.

The false identity will fight you to death to stay the way it is. Unconsciously, you don’t want to change, if you decided to “nurture” that identity of “who you think you are.”

Trying to replicate what successful people do without changing your environment is just a waste of time and energy.

Decisions and willpower, efforts and goal setting, determination to take action… It is all a MENTAL thing.

SIMPLY be Just like a seed, with no brain. IT JUST REACTS TO ITS ENVIRONMENT.

Rearranging Our Environment

Let yourself JUST react to your environment.

This is what COMFORT zone is all about. Getting out of your comfort zone is, basically, changing your environment.

Environment are physical things around us but also what we listen, read, watch, talk, dress, walk, stand, eat, drink, think… and that’s why it is uncomfortable for a shy person to start talking in front of others.

Talking in an unfamiliar situation is a change in our environment. Drinking water instead of a can of sugary soda is also a change in our environment. Watching a documentary about animals in their environment instead of a reality show is also…

For example, what I recently did with my phone.

Until not long ago I used to charge my phone next to my bed. I had my phone charger right there and since I use my phone as my alarm clock, I had all-in-one there just next to me.

If I heard a noise from that phone at 2am, then I gave myself permission to just grab the phone and look who wrote me a message or who liked my posts on Facebook. Because it takes just 2 seconds! What does it cost me to just glance at my phone at 2 in the morning… it is just next to me!

Then, when it’s time, my alarm goes off and I can just “dismiss” the thing and stay longer and start doing my morning routine of work later… I am my own morning boss!

I can do it… and keep being “comfortable” in my own “element.”

Some people can turn the alarm off, get up and do what they need to do, but some others see that there’s no point to get up without snooze it a few times.

Rearranging Our Environment

The solution? I just changed things around me. I changed my environment, and my phone was part of my environment next to me at night.

I moved the charger next to book shelf, around 15 feet away. Now I go to sleep and my phone is not there and when I wake up and suddenly I realize that the world is still where it was the night before… And guess what! I have to get up and walk to turn off that thing. I feel liberated.

Willpower wouldn’t last long. Determination to follow schedules would have been temporary. But how I changed my environment and conditioned myself to follow a different system, changed everything.

Remember? Environment are physical things around us but also what we listen, read, watch, talk, dress, walk, stand, eat, drink, think…

And what about inside our physical body? My lungs are my inner environment. My stomach, heart, brain, bones, blood, etc.

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Rearranging Our Environment

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