The day I realized I wasn’t free… YouTellYouDaily

The day I realized I wasn't free... YouTellYouDaily
The day I realized I wasn’t free… YouTellYouDaily

Many of us didn’t even question, ever, if we could break our routines; change job if we don’t like what we do, go on vacation anytime we desire, to visit family that is far away, etc. We don’t even question WHY we cannot do what we desire.

Dreams are “too good to be true” and we settle for whatever we’re used to. We’re like a bird in a cage that doesn’t even question why it lives in that small space. You might try to open the door to that bird and the it (the bird) takes time to realize that there’s an open door…
Beyond those bars there’s an unknown world and the bird wouldn’t know what to do with that much space and it wouldn’t feel comfortable, not at “home”.
Ask yourself, aloud if possible: “What is freedom for me?” Ask this question several times during the day but  you have to answer this question to really start “questioning” what keep you stuck, and you just don’t react, because you’re used to it.
Talk soon…
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