The irrational is the truth if we want to grow. Period.

Imagination creates reality.

Once I heard that happiness creates wealth and not vice versa.

The irrational is the truth if we want to grow. Period.

The problem we face several times is that we often say to ourselves: “How in the hell can I be happy with all this is happening to me?”

Think about this for a moment… If you go by what the world is telling you when things don’t go the way you want, then you’re ending up inside a downward loop.

The most common turn offs that I had in my life (and now I realize it) was that the world around me had a predominant impact in my every day emotions. Because I focused on what was happening! Without mentioning the fears about what other bad things could happen in my future.

Too much attention to what met my eyes. Too much focusing on what I saw happening. (remember “The Power Of Focus” article?)

The more we focus on the facts outside, the more our lives become like that. The future is going to be more or less like today. The past repeats if we still regret, blame or complain about things happened maybe years ago. And what about arguing over and over with a person in our mind for something that happened long, long time ago?

We’re the owners of our inner space and as long as we keep focusing on “evidences” around us, we end up not realizing it.

We own our inner space only if we inhabit it.

Imagine if you had a neighbor that continuously is looking outside her window (oops, it could be a man too…) watching what others are doing and gossiping and complaining, saying words and swearing to all that it is out there! What would you say about her? Would you imagine being like that person?

Is she or he really inhabiting that house? What if she looks inside more often and starts changing and imagining how she is going to clean and organize her house. What if she starts seeing improvements and plans to remodel and focuses on these plans and dreams about how her house is going to be!?

I’m working on online marketing and when I’m caught in anxiety I pull the views and visits report every 10 minutes to see how many clicks and views of my publications I had.  There’s no much change after 10 minutes… and I get discouraged because I want to see numbers go up quickly.

Things change when I look inside and I start creating with my imagination. I imagine those numbers growing. I see the digits shifting to the left and in the empty space appearing at the right side, I start inserting new digits. That number becomes bigger and bigger.

I pretend that with my imagination I upload the report on a screen inside my brain. I close my eyes to look at it. Then, since I have the ability to click in between those digits and place the cursor in there, I then insert two or three numbers in between. Then I go to the next value on the same line of totals and I click in between those digits and I place the cursor in there, and I insert more numbers in between…

Imagine… a two-digit number might become four digits and when I finish, my report has higher values.

How much our imagination influences our focus? How much are we allowing ourselves to do this, even if it makes us feel stupid or that we’re fooling ourselves not seeing the reality?

The question is now: What is true? That’s a question that our rational mind is asking…

On the other hand, we have the power to waive what looks irrational and to tell our subconscious what is true. The subconscious doesn’t ask if it’s true, it doesn’t question it.

Think about this… some technologies that we normally use today were crazy ideas some decades ago. It was like science fiction.

Let’s not get caught by what’s happening outside, especially when we intend to grow and we’re in the process of growing. Let’s not give sanction to what the outside situation appears to be, because if we do that, we might be living by what the present circumstances are telling us.

We want to change and grow, remember? The irrational is the truth if we want to grow. Period.

Some of us might have stronger beliefs about what appears. We might assume that the present reality is permanent and that we’re stuck in this forever. But nothing is permanent, therefore, if you believe that you’re stuck, that belief doesn’t reflect the reality.

The truth is what you say is true and the truth is: Imagination becomes reality. Happiness creates wealth and not vice versa. That’s also true.

Take care.


Inspired by: My own experience working in Online Marketing.

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