The only person left who believes in you

The only person left who believes in you

The only person left who believes in you…
“You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it’s enough. It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway
I was listening to Tony Robbins time ago and he gave this example about “when to quit” that literally left me thinking.
As a parent, how many times did you let your child try to learn how to walk until you said: “Ok, now you tried too many times… it’s obvious that walking is not for you”?


How many times did your child try?
How many times did your child try?
Even if you don’t have kids, you’ve figured where all this goes.
How many times have you tried?
In any area where you dream to be fulfilled, how many times you need to try in order to succeed?
How many different approaches, now many different plans need to be implemented?

I read something days ago:

A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

— George Augustus Moore
Now, tell yourself about the time when you were determined to finish something. What kept you going? What made you continue even though it was tough? I bet the reason why you kept going was because you just believed you could make it!
Let’s talk about the baby again. What if the baby had the “ability” to think negative and imagine that he/she couldn’t make it? If that was the case in real life, I think 90% of humans wouldn’t walk.

The only person left who believes in you

Thanks God that the baby is “unconscious” and keeps trying, and I guess the baby doesn’t even question about “if” he’ll make it or not.
Returning to us… unless a person had injuries or born with a decease that prevent he or she to walk, a normal person makes it.
Even if a person cannot walk, he or she succeeded in other abilities. We learned incredible things at the age when we weren’t able to discern if it was possible or not.
In those who “made it”, there was a lot of irrationality and a lot of “going to the opposite direction” respect of everybody else.
They didn’t pay much attention on what other people negatively thought about them. They continued with their plans and they made it. Their focus was on something else.
There’s a lot of stubbornness and determination in someone who strongly believes he or she could make it. Amazing characteristics of human beings.
All humans are able to experience this. All of them. We can see it in all forms of life. Animals and plants also. Just think about how persistent life is! 
It doesn’t matter how others judge you or where all the masses go. The most important thing is how YOU judge yourself.

The only person left who believes in you – Day 10 of my 6-pack abs challenge

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer once said: “What others think about me is none of my business.”
I would instead focus on this: “What I think about myself is what really matters.”
That’s my business and here I’m not trying to be self-centered, egocentric or anything like that. What I mean is that the way we talk to ourselves, our self-talk is very powerful.
In the little child that wants to walk, there’s a keen desire, uncontaminated strong determination to stand up and do the first step.
There’s no way back to that kind of determination.
Are you trying to learn how to “walk” by yourself in a new business? Do you have this goal because you know you’ll get financial freedom, and all its benefits?

The only person left who believes in you – Day 10 of my 6-pack abs challenge

 Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

business opportunityI had a conversation with my 90 Day Video Challenge group a while ago… I mean, I made a video to my fellow marketer colleagues, talking about what I am experiencing. What I have never experienced in a conscious way, was the fact that the perfect ideas of yourself are, in reality, your future. What we think that is: “too good to be true” is, in fact, what we have in front of us as opportunities.

When I was a minister in Italy, I didn’t know the meaning of the mystical symbolism of “Marrying Christ” or “The union between the Holy Spirit and your soul.” I thought I did know.

Now… I don’t intend to look too religious here but, just to translate the same knowledge using different language that point ALL to the same goal.

Science and spirituality are not opposite. I have learn from science that body, mind, spirit and soul are all interconnected. Everything that “is” has a spiritual essence in it.

The only person left who believes in you – Day 10 of my 6-pack abs challenge

  1. Imagine if the Spirit of God, The Holy Spirit, is how God sees you. I believe we have the power to transform the way we see ourselves by connecting with this source that can ONLY be accessed from within ourselves. All the perfect ideas of yourself, having the best emotions, the emotions you want to experience and the situations, environment and people you want in your life. And I’m talking about also people you want to serve and not just people you want to have benefit from. Imagine all that and hold this image or yourself for a minute.
  2. Now, your Soul, your inner space, your subconscious mind (as your soul) flooded by those perfect ideas, married, united, blended, ONE

Now listen… I mean, read this… What if we force ourselves following a routine of actions, committing to follow a path to a certain goal that goes BEYOND what we believe we can accomplish?

When I say “force ourselves” doesn’t mean that we have to bully ourselves, no. It implies that, given that we’re a mass of subconscious impulses (implanted in our soul-subconscious mind) then it’ll be OBVIOUS that we will feel some sort of discomfort, unpleasantness.

Our subconscious patterns will FIGHT the new behavior, the new plan, which goes in unknown paths, NEW paths, abandoning the old NEURO-paths that we were familiar to.

Spirit and Soul… Super conscious and subconscious.

In other words; the UNION of the perfect idea of you, (the Christ within you) and your world around you, with your SOUL, flooded with it. This is the mystical symbolism of “Marrying Christ” or “The union between the Holy Spirit and the soul”.

These words are just “street signs”. Don’t be so attached to words. They’re not more important than what they’re pointing to.

The only person left who believes in you – Day 10 of my 6-pack abs challenge  go to top

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The only person left who believes in you – Day 10 of my 6-pack abs challenge


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