Ways to make yourself happy.

Ways to make yourself happy.

Happiness is the state of mind that comes with knowing where you are and KNOWING where you’re directed too. It is just being in harmony with the stream of life.

So… happiness is not a goal to achieve. Happiness is a natural state of whoever is walking towards a clear goal.

We live in a world where consumerism encourage you to “buy” what is already made for us to consume. We’re encouraged to find the feeling that “we’re safe now” or “I arrived already…”

We’re looking for permanence where, in reality, nothing is permanent. Life is a journey and not a destination.

Now, I’m here to encourage you of being your own artist, your own builder, your own master, your own doctor, your own counselor, your own comedian actor.

Please don’t misunderstand… I am not here talking about trying to save money in not hiring professionals to help you fix your things or stop going to the cinema… Not at all!

I am talking about taking initiatives, knowing that you have the power of creation and the responsibility of your own inner state. If you feel empty, then that’s true, and that’s because the emptiness needs to be fulfilled by a purpose.

And your emptiness is because you are not clear about where you’re directed to. Maybe because you believe that you’re not intelligent like other successful people. Maybe because someone told you that you’re not good enough. None of these things have to be an excuse for you to stop using your imagination and create a dream.

So… planning your next move after knowing what you want is the secret of a happy life.

Enthusiasm is part of “having a good day” kind of feeling. But there’s no enthusiasm when you don’t know what you’re running after.

Our brain is enormous. I mean… not the brain itself. I just mean, our brain imagines, and the imagination is unlimited. The more we practice imagination the more this muscle called brain stretches with no limit.

Your mind is not just contained inside your skull. Your mind is anywhere your mind can go, anything your mind can “say” you are.

As I wrote days ago, discipline is the beginning of making habits stick. Discipline in following routines.

Certainly, nobody likes to be disciplined and in fact, this sounds like you’re being “encouraged” to quit this page and search something else to read or watch.

But, just listen to this for a moment my friend…

You are not going to be forced to do anything. You ARE choosing, driven by your own determination, to follow a path that, by itself, generates happiness.

The only thing you need to do is to create a goal, and as always, you need to know WHY you want that goal.

Writing things down is the beginning of every achievement. That will help you clarify what you are after…

What emotions do you want to experience?

Well, just create them inside yourself while you imagine your goal already achieved.

We are trained to believe that external events or things will give us happiness and lasting satisfaction. No way…

We’re trained to believe that emotions are created by events outside ourselves, but that is living at the mercy of events that are out of our control.

What I know is that we put happiness into actions. We choose goals and we choose our emotions. Happiness just appears right inside.

We are “goal oriented” creatures and if we quit to envision goals, then we are not fulfilling our own core nature.

Grab that pen at your right, that notebook at your left, open up a new file in your laptop and start typing your ideas. Start writing: what, why, when, how

Talk soon


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