You Always Find What You’re Looking For…

“When I say: I’m going to find the way, it means that I am already on the way…”

you always find what you're looking for

I’ve been through many books, seminars, self-improvement courses, ups and downs in my life. In my years of ministry in Italy I dedicated all my heart in that activity and I see that every experience was good. My journey is not ended though, not yet. I feel not complete and I realized that there’s a heavy burden that I, and most of us, is carrying, believing that, that burden is what we are.

We carry our regrets, guilt, doubts about our past decisions and who knows what else.

I arrived to the realization that real change starts when I leave the past behind. Why I say this? Because all people, more or less, as I said, have regrets, and they’re often uncertain of their past choices, feeling that if they did this or that instead, how their lives would be?

Uncertainty about your past choices sometimes makes you believe that you lost already your chances to improve in the future. That’s a lie. A lie to yourself.

A while ago, I wrote an article in my blog talking about our self-talk (how we talk to ourselves), and I really question myself if I am doing what I’m preaching. I suddenly realized that there was more that I didn’t know.

And among other affirmations I, once, stated with my own words something that read some time ago inside a spiritual book, and that changed me deeply.

And what I said to myself was:

“Every decision that I have made in my life, has been made for my own goodness and the goodness of people around me, and with this I erase every regret, disappointment, resentment and I dissolve all emotional chains that kept me stuck in the past. Now, I am always under the right inspiration and I always make the right decision.”

With this I cut the connection with what kept me stuck.

I didn’t say this only once. I went to bed with this affirmation, I woke up in the morning with this affirmation and I said this while driving to work, while being at work, while doing daily stuff. It wasn’t a one-time-thing. It was a process.

One of the things that really kicked me in the head was the idea that I still have dreams and I want to realize those dreams. I have kids and I want to spend time with them and erase from my own conscious that I need to keep exchanging my time, the time of my life, to earn money to live and have just enough to the essential.

I know that there’s a better way.

I wanted to learn how to clone myself in the digital economy, being an affiliate marketer, learning how to start my own business online and be profitable.

Several times I said to myself when pursuing a goal and feeling that “not knowing” was the issue: “I’m going to find the way”

Nothing never really changed until I realized that, when I said so, I was already on the way to find what I was looking for.

This is something that relates with one of my latest reflections; “You always find what you’re looking for…”